Marriage and health insurance rates

When a couple decides to get married there are a lot of things to consider with the new marital status and health insurance is just one of them. Many new families are really interested about their health insurance rates after the marriage because such an important decision will certainly be noticed by the insurance company. Yet, there's nothing to worry about for most people because health insurance rates won't get higher right after the wedding. And if they change, health insurance rates for married people usually tend to get lower because married people are statistically healthier and pose less risk to the insurance companies compared to single customers.

Still, there are some things you can do about health insurance after the marriage in order to optimize your costs. First of all combining your policies or getting a single policy for both spouses will help you get better rates. Such policies usually have more competitive quotes and feature additional benefits for the newly wed couples. If you choose to combine your policies make sure to consider all the options in case you are insured with different providers. Call each provider to learn how the premiums and coverage will change if you add your spouse to the policy, and shift to the plan that offers the most benefits for the most affordable price. If your current health insurance plan has rather competitive rates it doesn't necessarily mean that they will stay that way after you add your spouse, so make sure to analyze all your options first.

However, don't limit yourself to the companies you currently have your policies with. Spend some time on comparison shopping and analyze quotes from different providers with regard to your new marital status. It's best done online since you'll have a broader selection of providers and will be able to compare quotes in just a few minutes. Sometimes it really makes sense to switch providers after marriage because you'll have different insurance needs from those you had while being single, especially if you're looking forward to have children in the near future. Your current plan may be the perfect fit for a single person with particular insurance needs but after marriage your needs will expand and you have to make sure that your health insurance plan meets your and your spouse's needs at the same time. So make sure to chop around for new health insurance after the wedding because you can really save some money by doing so.

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